Backcountry Capital Holdings

Backcountry Capital Holdings

Your Strategic M&A Partner

We are looking to acquire service companies with revenues of $1-20M a year in the West Coast.

Our Criteria

Service Based Business

We're sector agnostic as long as the business is stable, profitable and operationally sound.

Minimum Earnings

We're looking at the minimum EBITDA of at least $750k a year. Our sweet spot is $1-1.5M a year. We'll consider business outside of this range.

West Coast

Your business needs to be located west of Rocky Mountains where we operate.

About BCC Group

At BCC Group, we're more than just a holding company. Situated in West of the United States, our foundation is built on a passion for transformative change, exceptional customer service, and strategic growth.

Founded by a visionary entrepreneur - Adam Babin with a flair for systematizing success, we specialize in mergers and acquisitions, prioritizing authentic relationships and impactful solutions. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, our mission remains clear: to uncover, nurture, and amplify the untapped potential of businesses, weaving together a legacy of innovation and enduring success.

What's the process?


Book an informal and confidential call with us so you can find out more about your personal and business goals.


After signing an NDA we'll ask you to send us basic information about your business so we can asses this opportunity.


Within 7 days of receiving financials we'll give you our informal offer, if you're happy the whole acquisition process will take 3-6 months.

Backcountry Capital Holdings

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